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In 11 years of existence our specialists have successfully completed more than 2000 projects.

Braiden consulting is a structural unit of the Braiden Group, which includes trade, construction, manufacturing and other enterprises. This contributes to the accumulation of the necessary qualifications and experience by our specialists in various fields of entrepreneurial activity.

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Braiden consulting has been providing a wide range of legal, accounting and related services since 2008. We provide stable and safe business development in Russia. Braiden Consulting specialize in working with international clients.

Our strategy is based on a complex approach of solving legal problems for foreign entrepreneurs. We are active in various business communities and always build trusting relationships with clients and partners.

Business Set-Up Services

We help to:
  • Determine the most convenient form and type ofcompany, as well as the right tax system your business needs
  • Draw up constituent documents, thus legally consolidate the relations between partners
  • Understand what permissions and licenses are needed to conduct your business
  • Protect your intellectual propert
The result:
An officially registered company that has a current account, seal and all the necessary permits to conduct its activities.
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Business Closure Services

We help to:
  • Sell an existing business profitably;
  • Close the legal entity in any of possible ways without claims from the tax authorities;
  • Carry out bankruptcy proceedings if there are debts to contractors, employees, tax authorities, etc;
  • Accompany existing lawsuits, enforcement proceedings, and corporate disputes.

The experience gained by our company allows us to successfully provide a full range of services in the field of liquidation and selling a business, ensuring the safety of owners and top management.
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Visa Support Services

Our company provides a full range of legal services:
  • attract foreign workers in the Russian Federation
  • obtain all the necessary permits for foreign citizens who plan to reside and work on the territory of the Russian Federation
Among our regular customers are small and large Russian companies with foreign capital, as well as representative offices and branches.

We offer a wide range of additional services: translation of documents, visa support, registration with the tax authority and much more.
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Accounting support

We help to:
  • Have a proper accounting to avoid problems with tax and other authorities;
  • Determine the optimal amount of taxes for your business in order to not overpay;
  • Determine which bank is easier and faster to open a current account and continue to work;
  • Check the correctness of accounting and restore documents in case of loss.
The result:
A legal business operating with an optimal amount of paid taxes and without complaints from
regulatory authorities
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Legal Support

We help to:
  • Identify unscrupulous partners;
  • Conclude agreements that will protect your interests;
  • Correctly interact with regulatory authorities;
  • Import goods to Russia with minimal costs and as soon as possible;
  • Quickly respond to any situation in your business.
The result:
A secure business that is confidently functioning and developing. All relations with employees, suppliers, contractors, government bodies are built correctly and fully controlled by the owners and top management.
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Foreign Investments Support

Many of our clients are foreign companies making longterm investments in Russia.
Our lawyers provide legal support to investors in any form of
entering the Russian market:
  • establishing a representative office or a branch;
  • registering a subsidiary;
  • establishing a joint venture;
  • buying an existing business.
The qualification of our specialists allows us to offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for foreign investors.
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Re-register a company in Russia I Essential steps
Sell your company in Russia I Simply & Profitably
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WORKING IN RUSSIA | Highly qualified specialist status
MOVING TO RUSSIA | Working visa and business visa
TAXATION IN RUSSIA | How does a LLC pay taxes
BANKRUPTCY of legal entities in Russia
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What legal form to choose for doing business in Russia?

The choice of a particular form depends on the characteristics of the business: its size, the number of founders, the amount of investment, the type of economic activity and other factors.

The most popular forms of ownership are the following:
Individual Entrepreneurship (IE)
  • Simple procedure for registration and liquidation of a business;
  • Freedom to use revenue;
  • Simplified reporting, etc
  • A foreigner is liable for all obligations with his property. The registration of an IE is carried out at the place of residence;
  • Only a foreigner who has got a Temporary Residence Permit (РВП – in Russia) or a Permanent Residence Permit can register as an entrepreneur. These permits confirm the fact of residence;
  • If a foreigner has a visa, he can only confirm the place of stay, therefore his registration as an individual entrepreneur is not possible.
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • a minimal authorized capital is only 10.000 rubles);
  • a possibility of establishing not only by individuals, but also by a foreign company registered overseas;
  • limited liability - the founders are liable for the obligations of the LLC only by the value of their shares in the authorized capital (the company is separated from the founder).
Joint Stock Company (PJSC, JSC).
Joint-stock companies are established to conduct large and medium-sized businesses. This form of ownership is not so popular, because of the complexity of the procedure of registration and issuing of shares.
The authorized capital is converted into shares owned by shareholders.
A company can be public, then its securities are in a free circulation.
Shareholders, as in the case of LLCs, are liable for obligations only with the value of their shares without any personal responsibility.
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What tax system to choose?

  1. The general taxation system is not particularly beneficial for a start-up business. It requires full accountancy, as well as payment of all general taxes: income tax - 20%, VAT - 18%, property tax, etc. Any new business is automatically included in the general taxation system if only the tax authorities have not received documents on the provision of a simplified tax system (STS).
  2. A Simplified Tax System is the most common and convenient for starting a business from scratch. It involves a payment of only one tax once a quarter. The tax can be paid on income (rate - from 1 to 6%) or on the amount of income minus expenses (rate - from 5 to 15%).
  3. Unified imputed income tax (UIIT) is a single tax on imputed income. It is used only for certain types of activities, and its amount is fixed and does not depend on income. The tax is paid quarterly. This tax system includes many types of private activities, such as laundry services, photo shops, saunas, hairdressers, etc.
  4. Patent system of taxation. It applies exclusively to IE and involves 63 types of activities. Within the framework of this system, a patent is bought for a certain period, during which there is no need to report to the tax
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Do I need to have a legal address?
Yes, it is necessary to have an address. There are 2 legal ways:
  1. Rent an office or a building for business needs and register a LLC there. Using the address at which you will actually be available is the most obvious and convenient option. In this scenario, you are guaranteed not to miss a legally significant documents sent to the address of the company: tax, judicial, customs notice, etc.
  2. Buy the address from a company that provides a service of selling a legal address with postal service.
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Can a company have multiple business activities?

Yes, but it's necessary to choose the activity codes:
  • All codes are contained in the specialized directory (OKVED);
  • Each type of activity has its own name and code;
  • One can specify multiple activity codes;
  • The main activity code directly affects on contribution rates and taxation systems;
  • One can change the set of OKVED codes at any time.
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Do I need to have a bank account for my company?
It is necessary to open a bank account in order to accept cashless payments from customers.
The legislation sets a limit on cash payments: not more than 100,000 rubles under one agreement.
A legal entity can fulfill its obligation of a taxpayer to pay to the budget only by wire transfer.
The LLCs are obliged to open a bank within 4 months from the date of registration and deposit funds as payment for the authorized capital.

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Dear colleagues,
My law firm started in 2008 and by now we helped hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide to set up and successfully run business in Russia. And we will be glad to see you among our happy regular clients.
While living and doing my own business abroad for a long time, I understood the importance of competent and honest support for foreign entrepreneurs. Today I provide professional assistance to foreign clients in starting and running a business in Russia.
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