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Braiden Consulting
Head of International Department Braiden consulting
Helping foreign entrepreneurs in doing business on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as attracting foreign investment in the Russian economy is one of the priorities of our company.
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, India, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Japan
At 20 Embassies:
At 5 Chamber of Commerce:
Italy, Greece, Canada, Norway, India
Participate in:
Helping foreign entrepreneurs
in doing business on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as attracting foreign investment in the Russian economy is one of the priorities of our company.
Business Networking Association (BNA)
International Association of Business Communicators
Union Internationale de Avocats
International Legal League
Cambridge Who’s Who
International Chamber of Commerce
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Answer 5 questions and receive
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Business Set-Up Services

We help to:
  • Determine the most convenient form and type ofcompany, as well as the right tax system your business needs
  • Draw up constituent documents, thus legally consolidate the relations between partners
  • Understand what permissions and licenses are needed to conduct your business
  • Protect your intellectual propert
The result:
An officially registered company that has a current account, seal and all the necessary permits to conduct its activities.
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Business Closure Services

We help to:
  • Sell an existing business profitably;
  • Close the legal entity in any of possible ways without claims from the tax authorities;
  • Carry out bankruptcy proceedings if there are debts to contractors, employees, tax authorities, etc;
  • Accompany existing lawsuits, enforcement proceedings, and corporate disputes.

The experience gained by our company allows us to successfully provide a full range of services in the field of liquidation and selling a business, ensuring the safety of owners and top management.
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Visa Support Services

Our company provides a full range of legal services:
  • attract foreign workers in the Russian Federation
  • obtain all the necessary permits for foreign citizens who plan to reside and work on the territory of the Russian Federation
Among our regular customers are small and large Russian companies with foreign capital, as well as representative offices and branches.

We offer a wide range of additional services: translation of documents, visa support, registration with the tax authority and much more.
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Accounting support

We help to:
  • Have a proper accounting to avoid problems with tax and other authorities;
  • Determine the optimal amount of taxes for your business in order to not overpay;
  • Determine which bank is easier and faster to open a current account and continue to work;
  • Check the correctness of accounting and restore documents in case of loss.
The result:
A legal business operating with an optimal amount of paid taxes and without complaints from
regulatory authorities
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Legal Support

We help to:
  • Identify unscrupulous partners;
  • Conclude agreements that will protect your interests;
  • Correctly interact with regulatory authorities;
  • Import goods to Russia with minimal costs and as soon as possible;
  • Quickly respond to any situation in your business.
The result:
A secure business that is confidently functioning and developing. All relations with employees, suppliers, contractors, government bodies are built correctly and fully controlled by the owners and top management.
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Foreign Investments Support

Many of our clients are foreign companies making longterm investments in Russia.
Our lawyers provide legal support to investors in any form of
entering the Russian market:
  • establishing a representative office or a branch;
  • registering a subsidiary;
  • establishing a joint venture;
  • buying an existing business.
The qualification of our specialists allows us to offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for foreign investors.
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